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Beauties Talking Business


This week I got to be a guest on the well known Beauties Talking Business show with Host Jenny Hansen. I got to share my book “Start To Success a Nail Technicians Guide into the Industry” as a professional publish author. Watch the whole show and take advantage of my special one time gift as part of my official launch.  Click below to watch the exclusive insider interview: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EqyoEsgJU-8 show:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EqyoEsgJU-8

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Spring into nail art

Spring time is know for beautiful, pastel colored flowers springing up from the ground. Follow my simple spring flower Nail Art tutorial to create your own look for spring. Use the dot technique to create a snail, butterfly, and other fun designs.  As Featured in the Picture above this design can go from basic to more detailed & available in Shellac. These nails are titled “Spring Fling” from the fun swirl of white dots like a gentle summer breeze the fun vibrant colors create a warm energetic look. Get this looks or your very own custom look  at Sugar N Spice Services.

A Classic French Tip …. or Flair for the Dramatic

Just like the little black dress never goes out of fashion, always looks top cut in-style so is the well known Natural French Tip. This look can be achieved by carefully creating a smile line on the free edge of the nail using any choice of color. For a more natural look stick with colors in the white and cremes with a nude or light pink/peach for the rest of the nail. In this Nail Art Demo I will show you how to do a Natural French Tip.

Not a classic chick not a problem…. For a more bold dramatic pop pick contrasting colors that are bright, dark, etc… Here are some examples. If you do not have a very steady hand, there are some simple and affordable ways to achieve that crisp perfect curve of a smile line… such has stickers, guides, stencils and even stamps( you will also need the Stamper & Stamping Polish). Or just leave it to the pro’s who love what they do to give you the perfect french tip that will add a great smile to your face value.



Pumpkin Color Fade….so Skullicuious,

Fall is in the Air, Halloween is going to be here before we know it! If your going batty finding the potion perfect costume to look drop dead georgous at the upcomming party, dance, event, still need to get candy for the trick or treating kiddos comming by etc… I have some nail magic goodies to lift your sprits starting with this killer cool pumpkin color fade demo that you will Fall in love with. To create this exact look use these Polishes: ( In order used in vidio demo)by China Glaze- Papaya Punch,Orange Knockout, by OPI- On Collins Ave, Love is a Racket from the Serena Williams collection. I recomend the new China Glaze two in base/Top coat. Be sure to have both a nail art correction brush and a make up spounge when you create this color fade look. See more examples of color fade nail art using other colors.

Are you bad to the bone, check out these so Skulliciuos Skel-tones. Thrilling new Halloween Mini combo also comes with free nail art sticker decals. Such Vibrant colors they look great as individual colors, diffrent colors on each hand…or decorated with the decals.

Nail art stickers are a form of instant nail art here are some of my favs for Halloween: Spider/Web, Pumpkin face, Skull/Death Head, Jack-O-lantern, Creepy spider and web,.You can also get packs with multiple designs and decals like these: Mix 1, Mix 2, mix 3, mix 4. The key is to not limit your self. Have a Howling fun time!!!!


Hallo-licious Nail Designs, Tip Tricks, and instant Nail Art

Nail art is one of many ways to express ourselves, share the art of our uniqueness. Holidays are a time when we go outside our normal comfort zone and try new things. So I am going to share with you some Tricks & Tips on how to create your own Nail Designs. Halloween Polka Dot Party Demo. In this demo I used China Glaze Polishes including…Black/Liquid Leather,1st color purple/Grape Juice, Orange-Coral/Thataway, Fun Green/Cha Cha Cha, Beautiful White Shimmer with Gold Accent/White Cap. Using these colors will allow you to create the exact look, feel free to play with colors and just have fun with it. You can use this technique/pattern to create fun nails for other times of the year as well. The other supplies I recommend having are a dotter tool and small post it pad for placing the polish beads on.

Want some Boo-tiful Halloween Nails try these fun styles out using your doter tool and OPI’S Spookettes Mini Nail Lacquer collection . Instead of Purple which is from the Tattoo Ta-Boo OPI Mini Collection you will be using the Green Zom-Body to love from the Spookettes collection. Or I recommend using OPI. If ya love purple than I would recommend one of these 3 fav shades, Purple with a purpose, OPI Ink, or DS Temptation.

-EYES ON YOU-Two Coats of the OPI Purple of your choice or Green Glow in the Dark “Zom-Body to love”. Large dots in “Mummy Knows Best” (White), Smaller dots in “I only Date Werewolves” (black), It’s that simple.

-TIP OR TREAT- Two coats of “He’s my Boo” (Orange) Carefully create french tip line on tip of nail using “I only Date Werewolves” (black) & also at the top of the nail near the cuticle using your dotter tool make circles/dots.

-BE MINE, FRANKENSTEIN- Two coats of the OPI Purple of your choice or Green Glow in the Dark “Zom-Body to love”. Stitches in “Mummy Knows Best” (White), dots inside of stitches with “He’s my Boo” (Orange). Now you’ve got your creative juices unraveling and electrified have fun trying your own designs… And remember there is no such thing as “Corny” only artistic ..unless your creating candy corn nails.

Check out the Sugar N Spice page for more idea’s on nail art under our Photo Album.





You GLOW Girl-Light up the Halloween Night

Halloween is a fun magical time of year! Don’t be left in the Dark when it comes to having Spooktaular Nails – there the perfect costume accesory.Recently I was Selected by E-How & Media Productions as talent to make How to Demo’s such an honor. These how to vidio’s go perfectly with the “Know your Nails” blog. Click on this link Glow in the Dark Nail Demo to watch the vidio. I used Pumpkin Glow in the Dark Enamel with Sparkles , Pink Friday Polish from the OPI Nicki Minaj collection, Also from OPI Top Coat N Base Coat they come in this cute gift bag how’s that for a Treat!

Another Easy Glow in the Dark look uses the OPI Pair’ em Scare em Collection comes with 2 polishes “Zom-body to Love” & Black Shatter. You can also purchase each seperatly if you already have one or the other… If you just need the Glow in the Dark or the Shatter . The great thing is that you can use the black Shatter Polish on any of your current polish color collection so it’s a great investment for a poplular instant nail art look & they also come in a wide varity of colors.

Sugar N Spice Services offers both Glow in the Dark Nail Services, Custom Halloween Nail Art, along with other Magical Services like Glitter Eye Kandy, Hair Glitter Spray etc.. Our Boo-tique has some selections of Limited Edition OPI Halloween Polishes as well. You may also like thes additional glow in the dark polishes, Body Color, Lip Stick, Face Make up, or Hair Spray.