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Sugar N Spice Services Salon is giving away two tote bags to two lucky women in celebration of Super Mothers everywhere, and the best part is it’s super easy to enter!


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Introducing IBX–Nail Strengthener and Repair






Your nails are going to love you for this! IBX is an innovative, two-part system that offers revolutionary benefits. It’s been tested, tried, and it triumphs every time! I’ve been trained by the masters, learned about the product inside and out, and now I can share it with you.

What is IBX? How does it work? What can it do? I’m so glad you asked!


(Pictures above are actual clients who used IBX)

Here’s what you need to know:

Q: What does the IBX Repair Treatment do?

A: The Repair Treatment is applied to specific spots for a variety of types of damage including spotting, peeling, splits, flaking, ridges, broken nails, paper thin nails, nails prone to chipping, and even nails that have had difficulty growing due to short or long term damage.

Q: How does the IBX Strength Treatment work?


A: Unlike a repair polish, which sits on the surface of your nail, IBX uses both essential oils and heat to penetrate inside the nail plate. Traditional repair polishes form a bond with the keratin in the nail and are removed and re-applied every time you change your nail color. IBX actually fuses the layers in the upper portion of the nail plate together with an Interpernetratin Polymer Network (IPN), locking itself within the nail plate–a permanent addition that will never need removal.

In some cases, cancer patients going though chemo treatments have had success keeping their nails in healthy condition with IBX!

Q: Who would benefit from the system?
A: Anyone who wants strong, healthy nails! It improves any existing conditions from strength and support to the over-all look and structure of the nail. Those with thin or weak nails will be especially happy with the results.

Q: Is there anyone who can’t wear it?
A: Unfortunately,yes. Anyone who has an allergy to acrylics or gels absolutely can not use the IBX system becuse the chemical structure is similar and it will produce the same response. And, as it’s a semi-permanent solution, the only removal is for the nail to grow out (which takes 2-3 months). Also, those with a nail disorder condition called Egg Shell Nails are not able to have this service done.

Q: I’ve never had gel or acrylics. How do I know if I’m allergic?
A: The only way to be sure is to go to an allergist and have a patch test done. It’s worth the time if you’ve never had gel or acrylics on your nails and you want to try IBX. If you’re cleared there, your good to get IBX. If your patch test shows any kind of reaction to those chemicals, it’s not worth the risk.

Q: How often is the treatment applied?
A: Treatment is prescribed based on the individual & the condition of their nails. Someone with heavily damaged nails will require more treatments. Everyone starts with 1 treatment of Repair on any damaged areas, followed immediately by 2 applications of the IBX Strengthener. After a week, they should come back for a second treatment of Repair and IBX Strengthener; this process repeats once a week until the nails are in prime condition. At this point, treatments can be done once a month or as needed.


Q: Where is IBX offered?
A: Only salons that have been trained and certified can offer this system. They should display their certification in an easily seen location in the salon. For a list of certified salons, check here. Sugar N Spice Services Salon was certified and was trained directly by the owner/creator of IBX, Linda Nordstrom.

Q: Once I do an IBX treatment, do I have to wait to get my nails done? What can I wear?
A: Immediately following your treatment, you can get a mani or pedi, polish, glitter toes, or shellac. But you may love your newly strengthened nails so much you’ll want to wear them as is.
Traditional gels and acrylics are not recommended at the same appointment because the back-fill process does not allow the treatment to reach as much of the nail plate. Also, application of IBX treatments must stay away from skin to avoid developing adverse reactions.

Q: What’s the point of paying extra when I am just going to put shellac or glitter toes on my nails?
A:Think of IBX as a built-in insurance policy for shellac and polish clients, simultaneously toughening the natural nail and protecting against frequent removals. It offers a level of strength and safety your natural nails deserve.

**Editor’s note: I just had the treatment done for the first time, and I can’t believe how wonderful my nails look! I had my shellac removed and, like usual for me, my nails were starting to peel. A quick application of the IBX Repair and Strengthen treatments sealed the peeling edges, filled in the small ridges I had developed, and made my nails look like I’ve been pampering them all my life!

Want to win a free IBX Treatment for 1 month? Watch the new YouTube post here. I share a sample of my life as a nail pro and the importance of continued education.

1) subscribe to my SNS Youtube channel
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3) Post “I LOVE Healthy Nails” on video comments.
(Contest open until 11:59 pm MST on March 14th) Winner will be selected at random and announced in our next video early March!!!! So easy to win you might have to pinch yourself for getting so LUCKY!

Additional Links on IBX:
The IBX System: What’s It All About?
Check Out IBX
Learn from Linda Nordstrom

10 Questions to Ask When Looking for a Nail Tech

10 Steps to consider

1-Are they currently a Licensed Nail Technician Professional? Most nail techs will display their license in the salon. If you can’t see it, ask. They should be more than happy to show it to you. Why is this important? This means that they went to school, passed state board requirements, have been approved as knowledgeable enough to safely work with the chemicals used in the nail industry, and are up to date legally.

2- Are they currently registered as a business for the state and city they are working in? Why is this important? You don’t want to support someone who works under the table. Think about it: why would a business owner not go though the proper channels to get a local business license? A business license gives approval to offer services to the community and ensures the business pays city taxes on profits–those taxes go back into the community. Also, a Fire Department approval is a part of the process. The Salon should have a fire extinguisher and emergency exits that are clearly marked.

3-Do they have good reviews and customer satisfaction ratings online? Why is this important? If busy people have taken the time to post a review, take advantage of what they have to say. If it’s a bad review, look at their concerns. If it’s a good review, look at why. 5 stars or a stream of continuous positive feedback can be a good indicator you too will have a good experience.

4-Do you like what you see in their portfolio? Why is this important? The art you see here demonstrates a tech’s technique, skill, creativity, and understanding of current trends. It’s a quick way to check out what they have to offer, and you might just see something cool and new you’ve never seen before.

5-Do you know what you want? Are you looking for acrylic nails that are sculpted, do you like traditional French tips, are you a store-front only person, or do you like the personal interaction of an in-home salon? How far are you willing to drive to your salon?Does the salon offer in-home or mobile services? Do they speak a specific language that you enjoy speaking? What days are those salons open, what are their hours, do they allow children, etc.? Why is this important? The more you know what you want, the better the salon can answer questions and help you find a perfect fit. Also, it’s important to inform the salon of any allergies or medical conditions, including pregnancy, even if you don’t think it’s a big deal. This will help them customize treatments and services to you.

6- What is your budget? Why is this important? You don’t want to set yourself up for embarrassment or sticker shock because you didn’t take the time to check the prices of their services. Most salons will have a Services Menu posted on their wall, as a brochure, or on their website. Don’t be afraid to ask if you don’t see one. Also, find out early what forms of payment they accept–cash, checks, or credit cards.

7-Do they use professional nail tools with a high level of sanitation? Why is this important? You need to protect yourself from infection and disease. Sanitation is critical to your health and too many techs and salons take short cuts in this area to save time or money.bTools should be washed with soap under warm water, soaked for 10 min in a hospital-grade solution, then dried immediately. Some techs go the extra mile with 8 min of UV light sterilization. Products should have original labels from top industry name brands. These include CND-Creative Nail Design, OPI, HEMPZ, China Glaze, SPA, GIGI, ProLin, Salt Of the Earth, Prossage, MRX, and Beauty Secrets, just to name a few. Pedicure basins should be obviously clean, and files should be brand-new for each customer.

8- Is the nail tech committed to continued education and experience? Why is this important? They reflect commitment, passion, and quality. Most training schools will offer low prices because they are not experienced. However, someone who is experienced knows what they are doing, is already trained, and will charge what they are worth. The world of nails is constantly being re-created with new techniques, products, and services. You want someone who not only stays on top of the wave of change, but can surf it with continued education.

9-Does the nail tech have social and interpersonal skills that mesh well with your personality? Why is this important? For some, this aspect of finding a nail tech may be critical while for others, it’s not as vital. Are they friendly, warm, and welcoming? Do they make you feel like a VIP guest? Do they offer suggestions for your skin and nails, home care, and color choice? Do they listen to you? Did they provide the service you scheduled? Did they answer questions you had? Were you able to book your appointment in a reasonable amount of time? Did they go above and beyond in any way to ensure your experience was exceptional? Did they work outside of regular hours to accommodate you?

10-What other services or products are you looking for? Why is this important? We’re all looking for that one-stop-shop to take care of all our beauty needs. Is your nail tech located in a full-service salon? If not, do they have recommendations for trusted beauty professionals in the area? Does the salon offer a boutique on site? If so, what items are offered? What amenities are offered: bottled water, snacks, a cooloing or heating pack? Do the restrooms offer feminine hygiene products, cramp packs, etc.?  Do they have a loyalty program offering free services or discounts? What specials or promotions do they have going on?

Once you answer the questions above and narrow down your choices, try one out. Take a pen and a paper with you and write down what you like, what could have been better, and what exceeded your expectations. I am sure using the above recommendations you will find a nail tech who is right for you.


If you Love Shellac you must try Color Gel by OPI

We are all familar by now with fantastic benifits of CND Shellacs 14 day mirror finish wear on like polish, UV Light Cured nail color that came out way back in 2010. But how many I wonder have heard of Gel Color by OPI? When CND Created Shellac it was new braking the 1st of it’s kind in the Nail Industry(CND has always been a leader in creating new products), like all great idea’s everyone wants to get on board and offer that product. Many comanies have attempted this such as Harmonys “Gelish” Young Living has there copied concept, etc.. I have personally tested many of the additional Shellac Like proudcts. My favorite is Gel Color by OPI; not a complete shock as there products are of high quality and rarely disapoint.  Shellac VS Color Gel Most results with this product for this service are the same with I would say 2 unique diffrences.

1- Texture:  Shellac= plastic flexible nail cosmetic VS Color Gel=  glass feeling and harder cosmetic shell.

2-Removal: Shellac= 10-15 min finger wrap removal VS Color Gel= Light Filing of the outter Shell to brake the seal than a 10-15 min finger wrap removal.

It really comes down to your personal prefrence- some like the flexablity that Shellac offers and the easy fast removal process, others like the hard texture Color Gel offers and don’t mind the bit of extra time for removal. My Advise try both products next time you get a service. I love both and alternate each time I do my nails.


Extra Extra Read all about it… New CND Brisa Lite Gel…

Brisa Lite Removable Gel System by CND now available at Sugar N Spice Services. It combines the superior performance of Brisa Gel and the Superior Removability of CND Shellac. Resulting in a superior new Technology; Brisa Lite. Does not require filing of the natural nail. Out with the old CND Gel and in with the new Soak off Lite Gel.

Same dynamic multi use in style and colors …..


Same super fast cure time….as Shellac and the old Gels.

More than 50% less of the removal time… that’s right out with the old Gel 45-60min hand file removal or nail drilled off costing between $20-35 and in with the new Brisa lite removals taking 10-15 min and only costing $10.00 at most salons. That’s Extra time in your life and Extra Extra money back in your wallet too!

Would you like to be one of the first to try the new Brisa lite? Would you like your nails done for free? Win a Custom Run Waylook or Traditional French Tip in CND Brisa Lite Gel.
1- Like the Sugar N Spice Facebook Page

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4-Text me a pic of your nails #801-368-9041

— 2 winners on March 30th 2013!!! —
Winners must be available to receive free Service at SNS Services with in 1-2 weeks of winning.

Trendz: Good bye Fish Hello Jelly Pedi

An unusual pedicure treatment which involves plunging feet into a tank full of Garra Rufa fish which then suck and nibble away dead skin has been all the rave from 2010 & has kinda slowly fizzed out over the last 3 years. It’s replacement does not nipple at your feet, require cold water or have a fishy smell.

Meet the Jelly Pedi – Perfect for Spring with it’s Jelly Bean like feel it’s just as sweet and it might just stick to ya as your . So.. your thinking ok.. what is it?

A jelly pedi creates a truly luxurious pedicure experience by transforming the warm water into a soft, translucent, fluffy jelly that will melt all of your daily stress away.  The mixture is made of natural plant oils that, when added to the hot or warm water, create a smooth gelatinous mixture that will send a thousand sensations of luxury through your toes & soles.  The essential oils, aloe vera, and light fragrance ( Avalible in Lavendar- purple, Aloe Vera-Green & Peppermint- Blue ; as featured), will melt the stress and anxiety away while removing toxins and stimulating blood circulation to relax your muscles.  How wonderful is that!  Want to experience the latest rage among Hollywood’s leading ladies and experience the most fabulous treatment ever for your feet?  Now you can Sugar N Spice Nail Salon is offering this one of a kind experince on special during the month of March as there Seasonal Special in Green Aloe Vera.

Spring into nail art

Spring time is know for beautiful, pastel colored flowers springing up from the ground. Follow my simple spring flower Nail Art tutorial to create your own look for spring. Use the dot technique to create a snail, butterfly, and other fun designs.  As Featured in the Picture above this design can go from basic to more detailed & available in Shellac. These nails are titled “Spring Fling” from the fun swirl of white dots like a gentle summer breeze the fun vibrant colors create a warm energetic look. Get this looks or your very own custom look  at Sugar N Spice Services.

Nail these 6 New Years Resoultions

So the parties are all over, another year come and gone, some goals met others starting over. And if your like most of the world you want to look and feel better this year. So here are 6 New Years Resolutions that will keep your nails looking & feeling better.

1-Eat Right : This is nothing new but it may be news to you how much diet can have to do with healthy nails. For example did you know Eggs and Milk are a great source of Zinc.…( also found in pumpkin, whole wheat, fish,etc..) which is known for it’s Nail Strengthening benefits and nail growth promotion. Zinc deficiency can be found as a white markings on the nail plate.

Condition Solution

*Dry brittle nails you need more Vitamin A. *Carrots, Sweet Potatoes & Spinach

*Slow nail growth your BFF is Vitamin B12 *Beef, Eggs, Fish, Whole Grain, Cereal

*Weak nails is caused by lack of Calcium * Cheese, Milk, & Almond Milk

*Thin & brittle nails you need Folic Acid *Leafy Veggies,Sunflower seeds, Peas

Last your nails are made up protein AKA Keratin so basic proteins are necessary for healthy nails. Don’t eat meat no problem.. legumes, nuts, soy products or protein supplements are all fantastic sources of Protein. Eating Healthy can give us the desired strong and healthy nails we love, not to mention help with beauty in skin, hair, and over all fitness. So eat your heart out Healthy.

2- Vitamin B baby… known as Biotin is the big time on strengthening your nails. Studies have shown that 2.5 milligrams of biotin a day will lead to firmer, harder nails by increasing their thickness. Try taking it in small doses, say 300 micrograms, four to six times a day for the best results. If your body is deficient in vitamin B talk to your doctor about Biotin supplements.

3- Your hands are Jewels not tools you must treat them that way. You would not use a Diamond keepsake to hammer in a nail, why would you use your nails to pick at something on the counter. It may not seem like a big deal… until you have short or long term nail damage from doing so. Diamonds can be purchased again at a high cost, however once permanent nail damage takes place it’s a lesson that cost of life time of unhealthy nails. Just use the right tool for the job…. My fav for getting things stuck on the counter with our ruining the surface is a bowl scraper.

4-Be Stylish and Safe – Daily dishes, cooking, cleaning, gardening can wreck Havoc on your hands but are a triple threat to nail health with potential physical damage, chemical exposure, and contact with bacteria. The simple act of putting on a pair of rubber gloves can go a long way towards protecting your nails and keeping them healthy. Here are my fav Glove Brands for stylish cleaning…Gloveables , Tuff Dish, Boston Wearhouse Glam Glov. If you can’t wear rubber gloves because of a latex allergy try using natural products from companies like Doterra & Method.

5- Regular use of Solar Oil: Everybody should have a bottle men women of every age and background. Just as routine as putting toner and lotion on your face make application of solar oil a part of your daily regimen. Enriched with Jojoba oil and vitamin E repeated use creates a protective seal that keeps moisture in the areas you need it most – your cuticles and nail beds

6- Proper tools & Techniques : Be sure to never file nails when they are wet because damp nails are more prone to splitting and breaking unless dry. Use a file meant for your natural nails a great investment is a glass,crystal ,Swarovski Crystal & acrylic file are all great choices because they are less harsh on your natural nail than other choices , they are permanently etched so will never become worn down plus the material can be cleaned with soap and water or even sterilize it with heat or alcohol. Last file nails from side to side going in the same direction instead of sawing back and forth which can cause nail problems.



Lets get “White” down to the Point

Everyone Loves a White, Bright Beautiful smile it’s why we pay hundreds of dollars a year with dentist visits, products for home care, and even have are teeth Bleached. But at the end of it all we can smile knowing they are healthier and look better.

Many people suffer with nail staining, yellowing, and discoloration. This can be embarasing, fustrating & alarming if you do not know what is causing it or how to care for it. In some situations nail dis-coloration can be taken care of with a professionally preformed Nail Bleaching Treatment. That’s right just like teeth are bleached to help whiten them nails can also be bleached as well. Most nail staining can also be prevented all together ….however sadly some can not and are a warning sign of a much bigger problem. ( ASP-All Season Professional Whitening/Bleach treatment featured in the picture above is used at Sugar N Spice Nail Services and is safe enough to be used daily).

Here is a Quick Guide of the most common reasons for nails to stain( change to an undesirable yellowish color), what to look for, and what treatments are avalible. Starting with the most common and easy to treat.

1- Most people choose not to purchase or use a base coat… who can blame them extra money, extra time putting on a clear layer. what most do not realize is that clear layer is the only thing between your natural nail which is extremely porous/ absorbent more so than your skin and the color of polish that should be on top of the base coat. Putting polish directly on the natural nail over time will leave a small layer of color in the nail which will begin to stain the nail a unhealthy yellow very undesirable. This happens even quicker for those who often wear dark colors blacks, browns, navy blue, and the famous classic reds. It’s also recommended to go all Natural for short periods of time allowing the natural nail to breath.

  • Problem: Not using a base coat / Darker Polishes/ Excessive wearing of polish
  • Solution: Prevention by using a base coat. Let Nail Breath for a day or two
  • Helpful Treatment: Nail Bleaching to lighten and whiten nails.

2- Next is a nasty habit that is no good for beauty or your health. Two major ingredients in cigarettes are sticky and greasy substances that can latch on to the smoker’s hands when he or she holds a cigarette. These are nicotine and tar. Oftentimes nicotine is responsible for the yellower stains and tar for the browner ones. Most smokers with nail staining have a yellowish brown color due to the mixture of both. Not to mention increase there chances for also getting a nail fungus because smoking can decrease blood circulation to the extremities, making them more susceptible to infection. A fungal infection can cause the nails to become not only yellow but dry, thick and dull and, in some cases, even deformed. The ideal solution for both your nails and your general health would be to quit smoking.

  • Problem: Smoking
  • Solution: Stop Smoking
  • Helpful Treatment: Nail Bleaching to lighten and whiten nails.
  • At Risk: Fungal Infection

3- So maybe your thinking to your self… I do not wear polish and I do not smoke.. so why are my nails changing color? Then the staining may be due to aging. While we love the saying “Like Wine I get better with age” this does not apply to our fingernails. For that (inevitable) condition consult a license Nail Tec Professional you can trust who can recommend a bleaching treatment that’s right for you based on the amount of staining in the nails. If the problem continues after several treatments it’s time to visit with your professional physician which takes us to our next cause…

  • Problem: Aging
  • Solution: Until we find the sought after fountain of youth we join the french in the famous saying “Se La Vie” however a life of good Hygiene and health are your best preventatives.
  • Helpful Treatment:Nail Bleaching to lighten and whiten nails.

4-You probably don’t consider your nails to be a big part of your overall health. You might be surprised, then, to realize that the condition of your nails are a mirror into your internal health and can indicate some serious health problems think of them as a Barometer of your general health state. Yellowing nails are unique in that they can have several different causes, some benign and some very serious. For example those who suffer from chronic swelling of the legs or who have diabetes will notice yellowing in their toenails often as a natural result of these. However they can also be a medical disorder in some cases including liver disease, lung disease, diabetes, kidney disease, and nutritional deficiencies, most notably iron and zinc. Underlying medical problems should be ruled out if your nails have suddenly changed in color. Simple blood tests can generally rule out most causes of yellow fingernails.

  • Problem: Chronic issues, Disorders, Internal Health issues
  • Solution: Make Dr Appointment quickly, testing, get to the point of the problem
  • Helpful Treatments: Follow Doctors Orders for recommended treatments and solutions.


5- Early signs of a nail fungal infection is a yellow or brown discoloration of the fingernails. Fungus once embedded under the nails can produce a variety of pigments which can color the nail yellow. Soon more symptoms will join the fungal fest such as flaking of the nail as well as an unpleasant odor as the fungus breaks down the components of the nail. Most trained nail techs will recognize the difference and would recommend you visit your doctor; as a result they will not be able to offer services to you for your protection, the health and protection to other clients and there business practice. A doctor can give you a oral anti-fungal medication or specialized solution. Over the counter and topical medications don’t work as well as the ones your doctor can prescribe for you and in some cases store shelf meds can make the situation even worse. Leave this one to the medical experts.

  • Problem: Nail Fungus
  • Solution: Make Dr Appointment right away- do not let it get any worse
  • Helpful Treatments: Follow Doctors Orders & Treatment plan

Bottom line is that yellow Finger Nails or Toenails are not pretty, and yellow is not the correct color for any nails to be.

The Good news is most nail staining is eligible for nail Whitening/Bleaching Treatments a 5-10 min service which can be preformed on both Hands and feet and cost usually between $6.00-$10.00 Meaning quick and cost effective not to mention a great investment for yourself. Once you have finished your treatments the key is to prevent restraining.( Home care nail brush).


Going to a Licensed Nail Tech you will receive custom care for the level of stain, recommendations for how many treatments and how often, along with professional recommendations for any additional nail or skin concerns/conditions. The Products used will be of a professional quality level designed specifically for the purpose of safe nail whitening/bleaching.


In Summary your fingernails/Toenails are not only a reflection of your habits and the way you care for your nails on a daily basis. Nails that are yellow in color can reflect an internal health disorder or can be a product of your habits or the way you care for your hands and feet. You can have beautiful healthy nails by taking care of them with good habits, or get them white again with Nail Bleach Treatments…and with nudes, negligees, clears, and light pink polish colors on the cosmetic popularity rise healthy natural looking nails are all the rave now as long as a forever fashion. Decide to look and feel your best now that’s something to Smile about!