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Welcome to the Know your Nails Blog, designed for YOU! This blog will tell you all you want to know and should know about your nails. From the Hottest new Nail Tendz, Skin and Nail Care, Professional Product Recommendations, Nail Tec Techniques, Clarifying what’s Truth Vs Myth, The Do’s and Don’ts of Nails, Know your Nails & Know before you go info, Nail Art & Red Flag Dangers. For Health sake I will also include info on services not recommended in connection to medical conditions ( note that I am not a doctor and if you have questions regarding your own personal Medical conditions you should seek out the proper Health Care Physician for that condition).  Because this Blog is for YOU!  I would love to hear your suggestions for future articles based on what you want to know about your Nails .


Hi there! I’m a Nail Tec, Business Owner and  I am passionate about sharing valuable insightful information about nails.  During my Training and Education in preparing to become a Legal, Law Abiding. Licensed Nail Tech I was amazed at what I  learned and did not know prior to this Formal  Nail Tec Schooling but I wished I had known. For Example Before I began My Exciting Nail Tec Journey I always had dry skin around my nails that would often pull back sometimes causing bleeding extreme discomfort and pain. Little did I know all those years prior to Beauty School that there is a little miracle in a bottle for this easy to fix and avoid all together skin concern… just what is that Magical Bottle … Solar Oil.   My Goals in creating, writing, up keeping this blog is to help you help yourself and avoid making painful mistakes, to be informed of the Nail Industry from the How’s, what’s, Why’s Where’s, When’s etc..


I have been Providing Nail Salon Services as of 2011 and continue to learn more and more every day though continued education, attending International Beauty & Spa Expo’s, Experience, and my Creativity. I have been featured in Internationally published articles in NAILS magazine.  I am the proud published author of “Start to Success A Nail Technician Guide into The Industry” which can also be found and purchased on Amazon. At My Salon Sugar N Spice Nail Services our mission is: “To bring joy to others though healthy habits plush pampering and exploration” With our Spa Spoiling Style, Pride in Proper above and beyond Sanitation, Out of this world creativity, our passion comes though in our work to our clients in there enriched experience.

SNS Services is located in St George Utah, specializing in customization, Treatments, upgrade options, Artistic Design, etc.. we offer the latest and greatest in products ad do our in depth  Research before bringing anything new on.

SNS is a Proud Sponsor for many local events, Charity groups, foundations, fundraisers this is our way to enrich and give back to the community. If you have a cause please contact us.

Thank you for Joining Know your Nails Blog, Glad to have you, love to hear your comments, thoughts on articles, success stories, and suggestions for future articles.

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Best Regards

Katy K. Lambson

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  1. Hey Katy,
    I know this is more about skin but I think it would be interesting to know about ways to care for sunburns. Some say aloe, some say hemp, is there things we should avoid? I actually did get my hands sunburned somehow earlier in the summer. Just an idea for an article, awesome blog!!

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