Extra Extra Read all about it SNS Owner Writes Book !!!

That’s right you read this correctly I wrote a book and I am beyond thrilled to share this with you.


Start to Success: A Nail Technician’s Guide into the Industry
“Start to Success” offers exclusive insights into the nail industry that are designed to empower you to succeed! Are you considering a career in the nail industry? Are you currently working or leasing at a salon but want to start your own shop? Have you been contemplating how to have a successful home-based business? Do you need ideas and innovations that will help your nail company grow? Do you want to be self-employed? “Start to Success” was written with you in mind! In this book, insights, advice and decision-making tools are provided throughout to address questions that arise at each step of your nail career journey. Is a nail technician the best fit for me? In which school should I enroll? Is it better to lease or rent? How do I get started opening my own business? What’s the first steps for creating my own brand? How can I attract customers? What resources are available to help me? What advertising is the most effective? What can I do differently to increase my profits and expand my business? Start to Success answers these questions and more, giving you the confidence to succeed in the nail industry!


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A bit about the Author:

Featured in international NAILS Magazine contributing to multiple articles though out her career in the industry. Running a blog with informative articles to educate the general public on health, nail care 101, current trends, interacting and educating. (Know your Nails http://www.knowyournails.com/). Katy has always been a passionate professional and sharing that passion with others writing is just one of the powerful was she shares. She has shared that passion though student teaching, teaching techniques to other nail Tec’s in the industry, being a mentor, giving back to the community, social media connection, industry networking, and constantly reinventing & defining what she can do with her profession because of her passion. Having run a successful salon with a 5 star rating listed #1 on google search she has the proven her know how on starting and successfully running and in home nail salon. Katy is a firm believer in being your best be it when she was in school getting the best grades possible, creating a one of a kind salon experience for her clients, getting multiple certifications each year though continued education ( IBX, CND, Barbacide),interactions with everyone she meets, to becoming the best salon. But it’s not enough for her to just be the best unless during the process your helping others. She shows this at any opportunity she can including being a guest multiple times on “Beauties Talking Business” ( http://beautiestalkingbusiness.com/dealing-with-difficult-customers/ Found on Blab & Youtube ) sharing insights to those in the industry, With 20 plus years of world class customer service experience, formal administrative skills, combine with her educational training in the industry she is able to collaborate all of these into providing a powerful book for you. This debut novel “A Nail Tech Guide from start to success” by the talented new novelist Katy Lambson Shares a unique one of a kind inside view with her readers that you will not find anywhere else currently.


Once you have had a chance to enjoy reading my book please pass it forward by sharing it with those who can learn, grow, and benefit from it. Although the advice is focused on the nail industry it can easily cross over into other fields.

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