Nail these 6 New Years Resoultions

So the parties are all over, another year come and gone, some goals met others starting over. And if your like most of the world you want to look and feel better this year. So here are 6 New Years Resolutions that will keep your nails looking & feeling better.

1-Eat Right : This is nothing new but it may be news to you how much diet can have to do with healthy nails. For example did you know Eggs and Milk are a great source of Zinc.…( also found in pumpkin, whole wheat, fish,etc..) which is known for it’s Nail Strengthening benefits and nail growth promotion. Zinc deficiency can be found as a white markings on the nail plate.

Condition Solution

*Dry brittle nails you need more Vitamin A. *Carrots, Sweet Potatoes & Spinach

*Slow nail growth your BFF is Vitamin B12 *Beef, Eggs, Fish, Whole Grain, Cereal

*Weak nails is caused by lack of Calcium * Cheese, Milk, & Almond Milk

*Thin & brittle nails you need Folic Acid *Leafy Veggies,Sunflower seeds, Peas

Last your nails are made up protein AKA Keratin so basic proteins are necessary for healthy nails. Don’t eat meat no problem.. legumes, nuts, soy products or protein supplements are all fantastic sources of Protein. Eating Healthy can give us the desired strong and healthy nails we love, not to mention help with beauty in skin, hair, and over all fitness. So eat your heart out Healthy.

2- Vitamin B baby… known as Biotin is the big time on strengthening your nails. Studies have shown that 2.5 milligrams of biotin a day will lead to firmer, harder nails by increasing their thickness. Try taking it in small doses, say 300 micrograms, four to six times a day for the best results. If your body is deficient in vitamin B talk to your doctor about Biotin supplements.

3- Your hands are Jewels not tools you must treat them that way. You would not use a Diamond keepsake to hammer in a nail, why would you use your nails to pick at something on the counter. It may not seem like a big deal… until you have short or long term nail damage from doing so. Diamonds can be purchased again at a high cost, however once permanent nail damage takes place it’s a lesson that cost of life time of unhealthy nails. Just use the right tool for the job…. My fav for getting things stuck on the counter with our ruining the surface is a bowl scraper.

4-Be Stylish and Safe – Daily dishes, cooking, cleaning, gardening can wreck Havoc on your hands but are a triple threat to nail health with potential physical damage, chemical exposure, and contact with bacteria. The simple act of putting on a pair of rubber gloves can go a long way towards protecting your nails and keeping them healthy. Here are my fav Glove Brands for stylish cleaning…Gloveables , Tuff Dish, Boston Wearhouse Glam Glov. If you can’t wear rubber gloves because of a latex allergy try using natural products from companies like Doterra & Method.

5- Regular use of Solar Oil: Everybody should have a bottle men women of every age and background. Just as routine as putting toner and lotion on your face make application of solar oil a part of your daily regimen. Enriched with Jojoba oil and vitamin E repeated use creates a protective seal that keeps moisture in the areas you need it most – your cuticles and nail beds

6- Proper tools & Techniques : Be sure to never file nails when they are wet because damp nails are more prone to splitting and breaking unless dry. Use a file meant for your natural nails a great investment is a glass,crystal ,Swarovski Crystal & acrylic file are all great choices because they are less harsh on your natural nail than other choices , they are permanently etched so will never become worn down plus the material can be cleaned with soap and water or even sterilize it with heat or alcohol. Last file nails from side to side going in the same direction instead of sawing back and forth which can cause nail problems.



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