Good bye Crackle hello Liquid Sand

In 2010 a Cool new instant nail art was on the high fashion tips of everyone with Crackles & Shatter polish effects from basic black , a rainbow of colors, to beautiful bronze and magical metallic’s, well that wave is over and the new trend taking over is all about texture with Liquid Sand.

Unlike the traditional desired look of a smooth nail that shines like a mirror, Liquid Sand will leave the nail the texture of sand dry, slight gritty matte , and lots of Glitter! Think instant glitter nails or glitter toes. Here is an up close pic so you can see for yourself the difference. Another big difference is no top coat.


So if you want a new you for this New Year feel like a star with this years 2013 OPI celebrity affiliated collection. Good bye Niki Minaj & Hello Mariah Carey! In addition to the new Hot Liquid Sand Instant Nail Art Tend there are 4 additional colors of polish to make you shine! My Personal Favorite combo is “a Butterfly moment” for it’s elegant and gorgeous classic look layered with ” Pink Yet Lavender” to add Glam and Glitter.

Get your hands on this new 2013 collection. You don’t have to be Mariah Carey to have finger nails that look as star quality- Perfectly Polished. You can purchase each polish bottle separately

“A Butterfly Moment” , ” Pink yet Lavender” , “Anti-Bleak” , ” Sprung”.

Here are the Liquid Sands:

” Stay the Night” , “The Impossible” , “Can’t Let Go” , “Get your Number”

If your like me you don’t want to just pick one or two you want them all and want to save. Maybe you just want the Sands collection but do not need a regular sized bottle for just you the Mariah Mini’s are a great option.

Now your up to date on the latest colors, celebrity collection, styles, instant nail art trendz for 2013. If you like texture you will love liquid sands.

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