Lets get “White” down to the Point

Everyone Loves a White, Bright Beautiful smile it’s why we pay hundreds of dollars a year with dentist visits, products for home care, and even have are teeth Bleached. But at the end of it all we can smile knowing they are healthier and look better.

Many people suffer with nail staining, yellowing, and discoloration. This can be embarasing, fustrating & alarming if you do not know what is causing it or how to care for it. In some situations nail dis-coloration can be taken care of with a professionally preformed Nail Bleaching Treatment. That’s right just like teeth are bleached to help whiten them nails can also be bleached as well. Most nail staining can also be prevented all together ….however sadly some can not and are a warning sign of a much bigger problem. ( ASP-All Season Professional Whitening/Bleach treatment featured in the picture above is used at Sugar N Spice Nail Services and is safe enough to be used daily).

Here is a Quick Guide of the most common reasons for nails to stain( change to an undesirable yellowish color), what to look for, and what treatments are avalible. Starting with the most common and easy to treat.

1- Most people choose not to purchase or use a base coat… who can blame them extra money, extra time putting on a clear layer. what most do not realize is that clear layer is the only thing between your natural nail which is extremely porous/ absorbent more so than your skin and the color of polish that should be on top of the base coat. Putting polish directly on the natural nail over time will leave a small layer of color in the nail which will begin to stain the nail a unhealthy yellow very undesirable. This happens even quicker for those who often wear dark colors blacks, browns, navy blue, and the famous classic reds. It’s also recommended to go all Natural for short periods of time allowing the natural nail to breath.

  • Problem: Not using a base coat / Darker Polishes/ Excessive wearing of polish
  • Solution: Prevention by using a base coat. Let Nail Breath for a day or two
  • Helpful Treatment: Nail Bleaching to lighten and whiten nails.

2- Next is a nasty habit that is no good for beauty or your health. Two major ingredients in cigarettes are sticky and greasy substances that can latch on to the smoker’s hands when he or she holds a cigarette. These are nicotine and tar. Oftentimes nicotine is responsible for the yellower stains and tar for the browner ones. Most smokers with nail staining have a yellowish brown color due to the mixture of both. Not to mention increase there chances for also getting a nail fungus because smoking can decrease blood circulation to the extremities, making them more susceptible to infection. A fungal infection can cause the nails to become not only yellow but dry, thick and dull and, in some cases, even deformed. The ideal solution for both your nails and your general health would be to quit smoking.

  • Problem: Smoking
  • Solution: Stop Smoking
  • Helpful Treatment: Nail Bleaching to lighten and whiten nails.
  • At Risk: Fungal Infection

3- So maybe your thinking to your self… I do not wear polish and I do not smoke.. so why are my nails changing color? Then the staining may be due to aging. While we love the saying “Like Wine I get better with age” this does not apply to our fingernails. For that (inevitable) condition consult a license Nail Tec Professional you can trust who can recommend a bleaching treatment that’s right for you based on the amount of staining in the nails. If the problem continues after several treatments it’s time to visit with your professional physician which takes us to our next cause…

  • Problem: Aging
  • Solution: Until we find the sought after fountain of youth we join the french in the famous saying “Se La Vie” however a life of good Hygiene and health are your best preventatives.
  • Helpful Treatment:Nail Bleaching to lighten and whiten nails.

4-You probably don’t consider your nails to be a big part of your overall health. You might be surprised, then, to realize that the condition of your nails are a mirror into your internal health and can indicate some serious health problems think of them as a Barometer of your general health state. Yellowing nails are unique in that they can have several different causes, some benign and some very serious. For example those who suffer from chronic swelling of the legs or who have diabetes will notice yellowing in their toenails often as a natural result of these. However they can also be a medical disorder in some cases including liver disease, lung disease, diabetes, kidney disease, and nutritional deficiencies, most notably iron and zinc. Underlying medical problems should be ruled out if your nails have suddenly changed in color. Simple blood tests can generally rule out most causes of yellow fingernails.

  • Problem: Chronic issues, Disorders, Internal Health issues
  • Solution: Make Dr Appointment quickly, testing, get to the point of the problem
  • Helpful Treatments: Follow Doctors Orders for recommended treatments and solutions.


5- Early signs of a nail fungal infection is a yellow or brown discoloration of the fingernails. Fungus once embedded under the nails can produce a variety of pigments which can color the nail yellow. Soon more symptoms will join the fungal fest such as flaking of the nail as well as an unpleasant odor as the fungus breaks down the components of the nail. Most trained nail techs will recognize the difference and would recommend you visit your doctor; as a result they will not be able to offer services to you for your protection, the health and protection to other clients and there business practice. A doctor can give you a oral anti-fungal medication or specialized solution. Over the counter and topical medications don’t work as well as the ones your doctor can prescribe for you and in some cases store shelf meds can make the situation even worse. Leave this one to the medical experts.

  • Problem: Nail Fungus
  • Solution: Make Dr Appointment right away- do not let it get any worse
  • Helpful Treatments: Follow Doctors Orders & Treatment plan

Bottom line is that yellow Finger Nails or Toenails are not pretty, and yellow is not the correct color for any nails to be.

The Good news is most nail staining is eligible for nail Whitening/Bleaching Treatments a 5-10 min service which can be preformed on both Hands and feet and cost usually between $6.00-$10.00 Meaning quick and cost effective not to mention a great investment for yourself. Once you have finished your treatments the key is to prevent restraining.( Home care nail brush).


Going to a Licensed Nail Tech you will receive custom care for the level of stain, recommendations for how many treatments and how often, along with professional recommendations for any additional nail or skin concerns/conditions. The Products used will be of a professional quality level designed specifically for the purpose of safe nail whitening/bleaching.


In Summary your fingernails/Toenails are not only a reflection of your habits and the way you care for your nails on a daily basis. Nails that are yellow in color can reflect an internal health disorder or can be a product of your habits or the way you care for your hands and feet. You can have beautiful healthy nails by taking care of them with good habits, or get them white again with Nail Bleach Treatments…and with nudes, negligees, clears, and light pink polish colors on the cosmetic popularity rise healthy natural looking nails are all the rave now as long as a forever fashion. Decide to look and feel your best now that’s something to Smile about!












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