Baby it’s cold outside but these Treatments are HOT!

Winter time is especially harsh on our skin; our hands usually get extremely dry even to the point of peeling back or bleeding.. ouch! And with all those holiday parties we want our hands to be healthy and taken care of. Here are a few Treatments that will not only give your skin and nails the TLC needed to beat the winter blue boo who’s…… They are a genuine treat to warm & delight the body and soul.

Hot Oil Manicures also know as Warm Oil Manicures are a luxury style manicure. Ideal to provide relief for those with ridges, brittle nails, dry cuticles, etc…  It will improve super dry nails and hands especially the skin leaving it soft and pliable.

This services would begin like all manicures (cuticle care, file and shaping of the nail, and in this case to prep them …a beautiful buff and shine), up to the point where your hands are normally placed into the finger bowls… but instead  the nails are given an extra treat by soaking in the heated oil.

Remember this is a “Treat”-ment for the natural nail and skin….. to fully enjoy immediate and long lasting benefits of this lush service take it from a professional and skip the cosmetics during this visit.  The nail plate is porous… this is wonderful because it will quickly soak up the warm hydrating oil. By having no nail polish on when you begin this treatment your allowing the oil do it’s job correctly while giving you the desired results you want. Like wise we want the product to contiune to work after the treatment so blocking the nail with polish after the service would block the natural nail as well. In other words having nail polish on (before /after), a Hot Oil Manicure would be equivalent to wearing sock during a pedicure…no thanks.  A Nail Tec who knows what there doing and cares about you will be adamant on the no polish policy.

Like all things Lush &  Luxurious in life they come with a price tag… don’t be surprised to pay more for these higher quality and specialized treatments. But belive me the treatments are more than worth it!

Belive it or not you can also enhance this experince even more by adding upgrade services. Here are my top three recomendations….

1-Essential Oils– these have been used in spas from the beginning of time. Known for there healing & medicinal purposes such as Peppermint relives headaches, Lavender reduces stress, Lemon helps to cleanse & strengthens nails, etc..  Let your Nail tec know of any symptoms you may have and they can recommend an essential oil to do the trick.


2-  Hand & Arm Massage- Improve circulation, relievee tension in the tendons, helps to increase the level of flexibility in the hands, fingers, and wrists, reduce stiffness that builds up and attributes to discomfort. And as massage, uses lotions or oils, is also a great way to rejuvenate the skin all while taking you into a deeper state of much needed relaxation. Essential Oils can also be mixed with massage lotion.

3-Exfoliation- Removes the dull dead surface skin cells allowing youthful vibrant skin below to break though. it’s one of the best process to promote healthy skin. Like most spa based treatments it not only feels amazing but can be traced back as far as ancient Egyptians. Scrubs come in Sugar ( which a gentle light exfoliate- best for sensitive skin) ),and Salt ( slightly more abrasive). Add an Essential Oil.

Best for last is the Parrafin Wax Treatment also called Parrafin Dips (nick named affter the dipping tecnique used to apply the warm wax to the skin). This luxurious spa style treatment provides intense moisture using the heat to help lotin/oil applied to the skin to move deeper into the multiple layers of skin giving longer lasting skin softness. You can treat hands and feet as a sole service or as an upgrade option to a manicure or pedicure.

The Treatment takes about 10 min once the skin is bathed in a generous layer of the warm paraffin (Paraffin is soft wax, it melts at a lower than normal temperature. This means it does not need to be as hot and will not cause burns), the epidermis is wrapped up in a disposable clear plastic wrap or other other non-absorbent material, placed snug into a glove mitt (hands) or slipper boot (feet). It’s left to “Soak” until cooled. Once the glove/boot and wrapping are removed… revealed is beautiful baby soft gorgeous glowing skin.                  

People who experience seasonal dry skin often find paraffin wax treatments to be helpful and relaxing preventative measures. Dry, cracked heels and knuckles can make dry/ harsh weather unbearable. One or two moisturizing paraffin wax treatments a month can help a great deal. wax treatments are common in posh spas.

Important know before you go info: This is not just for the Health of it…………..

Heat based services are also known to help with swelling reduction in muscles, decreased inflammation of joints and connective tissues and blood Circulation which for most of us is great… however sadly not everyone can enjoy these treatments. It’s critical when completing paper work at the Salon of your choice to be truthful and take seriously questions like: Medical conditions, allergies, etc… even if you do not think it’s anything big or important list it, list everything and anything and let your nail tec be the judge of what is important. For example someone with diabetes can not receive any heat based treatments the heat can easily over stimulate the blood circulation and in worst case cause a blood clot which can be life treating. If you ever have a question on if you can receive a service or not please first consult a professional physician. Be sure your nail tec is not willing to perform services that are not safe for you. Nail tecs should care enough about there clients and business to refuse services that would hurt either.  The good news is even if you do have a medical condition that does not qualify you for Parrafin Waxes or Hot Oil service you can still induldge and spoil yourself with additional options from Clay Based detoxifying mask, oil based moisturizing masks, among other treatments designed for hands and feet.

All Services Above Heat based/ Clay/ Oil…  are avalible with customization options at Sugar N Spice Services. This Thanksgiving show your love and graditude for someone though the gift of beauty and health with a gift card from SNS Services.



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