You should feel like a Queen – just don’t sit on a Throne

When you go to a Salon to get your Pedicure you should feel like a queen inside and out. To sit at a pipe based Throne would be a royal mistake that would not only gross you out but could potential cause you problems physically. The Most common are Athletes foot, Warts, Mycobacterium fortuitum ( this is why we don’t shave our legs less than 48 hours before a pedi), among others not listed here which can also cause a variety of nail/skin disorders/diseases ( I will be doing articles in the future dedicated to specifics of these).

So how do you know if the Throne your sitting on has pipes or not?  Great Question the answer is in there differences.

 * Traditional Piped-in Pedicure Chair/Throne: Has a pump and a network of pipes to create the jets which water flows through which is where the bacteria can collect.  The issue with a lot of pipes is they are hard to clean. The piped-in chairs take a lot of time for true proper cleaning, and sadly many salons don’t take them apart and clean them as thoroughly as their state boards require. It’s not a state requirement to have pipe less pedicure chairs.

*Pipe less system: Has a bowl with some type of propeller that moves the water with in the bow, creating the jet feel but without the water moving through pipes.  A key is having all parts of the basin being able to be cleaned correctly. Some examples of Pipe less systems include, basic bucket, bowls( glass, marble, etc..) Footie bath, pipe less portables, pipe less thrones.

At Sugar N Spice Services we use both a basic black bucket and Footsies Bath for our services based on the amount of people we are serving at one time. Both allow for full contact cleaning first with hot water and soap, than a 10 min soak with Hospital Disinfectant and than paper towel dried.  If clients have time and want to the Salon should be happy to demonstrate this process for you.

Be sure when you choose a salon that the salon looks out for the safety of there clients that your health is there primary interest. Not how fast they can get you in and out

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  1. That’s one reason that I come to your salon, sugar n spice. Beyond your great customer service, affordable prices & awesome nail jobs, I know how particular you are about cleanliness & safety! It all comes down to a business that really cares about its clients or just about the money. I know at sugar n spice it’s all about the customers. Thanks for this informative post btw.

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