Nail Polish Storage Tips and more:

To make your nail polishes last longer, close the bottles properly as exposure to air can result in dryness of polish. Sometimes, the nail polish residue stays around the bottle threads and it shuts close the nail polish bottle. To prevent this, after closing the nail polish cap, wipe the threads by using a sponge. Dip the sponge in nail polish remover and wipe the threads clean to remove the polish residue. If the bottle is more than a year old polish can thicken to a stringy plastic texture which is difficult to polish evenly on the nail… Polish like many products do have a limited life time.

Polish is good about 1 year from the time it was made regardless if the bottle has ever been opened or not. We recommend to purchase polish colors you plan to use often to get the most out of it’s longevity. Dark Shades tend to clump up faster because they have so much pigments in them.¬† Your Base Coats and Top Coats are used each time you do your nails they are your #1 investment. Next nudes, natural shades, than some fun colors you love.

If the Pigment in the polish is not true …warm the bottle up carefully by rolling it in the palms of your hand the warmth of your hands will be just right to help mix it up ( just like when your mixing paint carefully with a wooden stick)- DO NOT SHAKE the bottle this will do damage to the polish product by separating the it’s construction vs. mixing the layers for pigment.

Ok so it’s been a year your bottle is nearly gone and your ready to throw it in the Garbage… A bottle of nail polish seems like a small thing, and it’s easy to be tempted to throw it in the trash. Don’t! Not only is it bad for the soil and water, it also can leak flammable fumes which may cause a fire if a spark hits it. Bring your Bottle in to Sugar N Spice Nail Services Salon we will not only responsibly dispose of it though our local ¬†Hazardous Waste Collection Facility but we will also reward you with a SNS Buck which you can use on your next Service. It’s a Win Win way to take care of our Beautiful Earth.

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  1. “I have lots of bottles of varying sizes and shapes. They usually end up falling over and the polish slowly leaks into the cap, sealing them shut for eternity. Getting too thick, losing pigment, drying out, etc Help!!!!… If this sounds familiar to you this article is just for you!

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