Be Sweet to your Feet – Flip-Flop do’s and don’ts

Flip-Flops are fashionably hot, but these slip-on summer favorites can affect your Feet and could also cause leg and foot pain.

Walking long distances in them isn’t a good idea, advises the American Podiatric Medical Association)APMA). Even the best Flip-Flops offer little shock absorption or arch support.
Other Recommendations from the APMA include:
DO: Look for flip-flops that have the APMA’s Seal of Acceptance. Certain brands of flip-flops have been awarded the APMA”s Approval for demonstrating proper foot support.

Do: toss flip=flops when there soles show signs of wear. Like running shoes, they wear out quickly.

Don’t :wear flip-flops for sports, or yard work, which require protection for toes, ankles, and feet.

Don’t: Ignore Irritation between your toes or blisters on your feet.

As you spring into action this season, make sure you start our on the right foot- with the right footwear.

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